Saturday nights

This past weekend I watched the movie Saturday night fever with John Travolta. This movie really got me thinking because even though the movie is old, the plot and characters response to situations is the same as now a days. As I watch the movie I connected the characters to my own personal life, and my friends. watching how TONY (John Travolta) a typical teenager, with a normal family, a typical job, and a lover, has the courage to grow, to become someone, and thanks to his gift of dancing, and by approaching to (Karen Lynn Gorney) he starts his path to greatness. I can see in his eyes a vibe of ambition that I see in many teenagers I spend time with, the want to become people of greatness. In contrast, the movie shows us how other teenagers, just go through life with vanish ideas, and dreams, and I can also find that in many of the teens I relate to. For example, one of the friends of Tony, got a girl pregnant, and his friends, so selfish never gave importance to his situation, and as a results he jumps of a bridge. 

I also liked the love story in the movie, for I identify with (Karen Lynn Gorney). She is the typical girl any boy cant get. She build huge columns in her life, and doesn’t let anyone enter to her heart because the suffered before, and doesn’t want to get hurt again, or even she doesn’t want to be with any one that doesn’t help her realize her dreams. 

This movie got me thinking. I reflected a lot about my current life. The group of friends I have formed, how valuable and important they have become for me. For this I am really thankful. But my fear of falling in love, makes me feel confessed.  Im in the point of my life were every decision will have a huge consequence in my future, and I want to have the future I have always dreamed about, I am very ambitious about what I want, so I don’t want to take incorrect decisions, thats way I don`t move. This movie got me thinking, should I take love risks, should I try out being in a relationship. Or being in a relationship prevent me from conquering my dream? Image


Going public

Shakira is now giving a concert in NYC,

she posted a photo on Instagram and wrote ” its inspiring to see people from around the world coming together in NYC!”

The phrase she wrote really captured my attention.

I am alive during a time were globalization is striving, and this a result of multiple years of hard work and dedication from those who are inspired to evolve, and in consequence we the people greatly benefit. For example, one of the great technological booms came about an unpleasant situation, the cold war. The desire to beat the communist, inspired people to develop better communication structures, among many others. One of the great things that was born during this times was NASA. Because of the space race, this organization was obligated to invent and further develop multiple technological devices to be able to beat the USSR. With time this organization has dedicated part of its time to minimize the size of technological objects. After, this minimization was released to the public, and multiple companies adapted this to further enhance their product qualities.

Apple, is one of the companies that benefited from NASA, and keeps innovating and developing new products that each time are thiner, lighter and faster, at the same time allowing us to be connected from any remote location in a convenient manner.

Today, thanks to the sum of all the historical events, I am able to unlock my phone, open Instagram, and immediately be connected to those all over the world. Shakira is in Bryant park, New York City performing, while I, Marianna Pinzon, am in Gainesville, Florida writing this post.

Their is one thing I have to disagree with Shakira; not only the people in NYC are coming together to watch her performance,also the millions of people that fallow her on Instragram.